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Empower Your E-commerce Journey with GlowRoad Seller Account Management Services

Unlock the full potential of your online business with GlowRoad's comprehensive seller account management services. Streamline your operations, optimize sales, and maximize profitability with our expert guidance.


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Empower Your E-commerce Journey with GlowRoad Seller Account Management Services

Unlock the full potential of your online business with GlowRoad's comprehensive seller account management services. Streamline your operations, optimize sales, and maximize profitability with our expert guidance.


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Digicommerce Solutions LLP, accredited GlowRoad account management services provider, helps you to get started and start earning money the easy way.

Digicommerce Solutions LLP help to set up your storefront on GlowRoad and then a Whatsapp and Facebook account if you do not have one so that you can share through your contacts after which resellers contact you to sell products you offer or offer products you can sell.

Digicommerce Solutions LLP are experts in GlowRoad product listing and develop content, title and description for each item.

GlowRoad also offers advertisements and marketing programs. Digicommerce Solutions LLP plan and implement cost effective GlowRoad advertisement campaigns for you.

If you are new to online selling you can trust Digicommerce Solutions LLP to give you guidance on how to sell on GlowRoad and succeed.

Digicommerce Solutions LLP provide full assistance to help you to get started as a seller on GlowRoad with their services as described below.

Setting up your Seller Central Account on Glowroad

Digicommerce Solutions LLP take on the responsibility of creating your account as part of its GlowRoad seller services:

  • Create account on GlowRoad with email/phone and unique user ID and password;
  • Initiate GlowRoad seller sign in and start the process of creating storefront on GlowRoad;
  • Engage in GlowRoad brand store creation if you wish to sell a branded product or have a trademarked/branded product to sell.
Glowroad Seller Account Creation Service

Product Listing and Cataloging

One great thing about setting up storefront on GlowRoad and GlowRoad product listing is that requirements are not as stringent as they are on Amazon or Flipkart. The GlowRoad product listing comprises of:

  • Taking images that are good but not necessarily with professional equipments
  • Product’s title using researched keywords and description and also pricing to get you profits while remaining competitive.
  • Uploading the list through the app or through the seller dashboard to your brand store on GlowRoad.
Glowroad Listing Service Management

Store Creation (Brand Registry)

Digicommerce Solutions LLP are here to help you set up your storefront on GlowRoad and start selling right away:

  • Set up your account and create your online shop on GlowRoad and then carry out GlowRoad product listing on your store.
  • Create a name for your shop and a unique logo to give it a distinctive brand identity.

Digicommerce Solutions LLP can help with GlowRoad brand store creation and with brand registry and protection of your brand name/trademark/logo:

  • Start with setting up GlowRoad brand store
  • Initiate the process of registration of brand/trademark/logo in the GlowRoad brand registry, furnish necessary documents and obtain approval
  • Your brand is now protected – no one else can sell that brand without your approval and if anyone does, we initiate action to stop such unauthorized use.
Glowroad Storefront Management Service

Glowroad Search Engine Optimization

GlowRoad is a social ecommerce site and requires a degree of promotion and advertisement to help your products garner attention and get buy orders. Digicommerce Solutions LLP help you in several ways:

  • We initiate GlowRoad SEO services, particularly social media marketing, to create high visibility and followers on social channels and also in Google searches.
  • We craft GlowRoad advertising and promotion strategies and implement them to get best return on investments.
Etsy Optimization Seller Account Service

Glowroad Advertising and Marketing

Naturally, if you set up shop on GlowRoad then you have to manage orders and inventory. Digicommerce Solutions LLP help you stay compliant with their GlowRoad seller services:

  • Keep constant watch for orders received, acknowledge them and confirm acceptance.
  • Help you to execute orders and prepare packages for shipment.
  • Update inventory, track orders and returns, add new items and remove sold out ones from product lists.
Etsy Promotion Service Management

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Professionals can provide a range of services to help sellers on Glowroad, such as:


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Grow Your Business with Our GlowRoad Seller Services by Experts

Digicommerce Solutions LLP, experts in GlowRoad seller account management services, are here to help you start your journey and then hand hold you on a continuing basis. We assure success and growing revenues with our seller services.

Seller account setup

One of the options available is to set up your online GlowRoad shop, list products and sell.

The starting point is to create a seller account in which Digicommerce Solutions LLP assist you by:

  • Registering you on GlowRoad as a seller by furnishing your details in accordance with GlowRoad seller requirement.
  • Help you give a good name to your online shop on GlowRoad.
  • Help you set up payment options

You also get the benefit of Digicommerce Solutions LLP expert guidance on items to sell, pricing, managing the shop on GlowRoad, professional management and growth as well as promotions through Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram when you sign up for our GlowRoad seller services.

Glowroad Advertising Management Services

If you have your own registered trademark and sell in a brand name or intend to create your brand, then it is important to register the brand when you sell online on GlowRoad (or any other marketplace) and protect your IP.

Digicommerce Solutions LLP help you with GlowRoad brand registry & protection:

  • Register your brand store on GlowRoad.
  • Register your brand, logo, trademark and any other proprietary materials like packaging or design on GlowRoad brand registry, submit supporting documents, follow up and obtain approval.
  • Once your GlowRoad brand store is live, we keep track of any unauthorized use of your brand, register complaint with GlowRoad and get such unauthorized activities stopped, even initiating legal action if needed.

With Digicommerce Solutions LLP by your side, you are fully protected and your IP is fully safeguarded.

Product Catalog and Listing Optimization

When you sell online you must be meticulous about preparing the product catalog which is a listing of each product you sell including its title, description, contents and images. It is not enough to just write any title or description; each product listing must have a title that also includes keywords and important parameters of the product as must the content. This is necessary to ensure high visibility at the top in searches by buyers on GlowRoad and also in search engines. It is best to engage ecommerce product listing services providers such as Digicommerce Solutions LLP to help you out.
  • Digicommerce Solutions LLP, experts in GlowRoad catalog services and GlowRoad listing services India, help you in these areas by:
  • Developing the right product catalog with titles, description and images
  • Slotting each product into the right category and subcategory on GlowRoad
  • Researching and making use of analytics to know status of listings and carrying out product listing optimization by refining the content on an ongoing basis.
  • GlowRoad Marketing Services: How to Use it to Boost Your Products Sales

    GlowRoad, as part of Amazon, offers a suite of GlowRoad advertising services to help sellers sell more and earn more. One example is the Shubh Aarambh sale launched in September 2022.

    You can expect promotional services from GlowRoad such as the GlowRoad sponsored products in which a product lists high in searches and carries the sponsored badge.

    Sellers pay to have products sponsored. Similarly, there may be GlowRoad sponsored brands campaigns and PPC in which sellers pay only when a visitor clicks on their ad on GlowRoad.

    • Digicommerce Solutions LLP provides the full suite of GlowRoad advertising services to help you get higher visibility and higher sales.
    • Plan and execute GlowRoad PPC ads through GlowRoad PPC management services in which we choose products and create ads using specific keywords and manage this campaign.
    • Get you into the GlowRoad sponsored products campaign and list specific products for the sponsored tag and thus help you get more visitors and buyers.
    • Enlist you and help you participate in GlowRoad seasonal sales promotions.
    • Help you to leverage social media marketing and ads on Facebook and Instagram.

    Glowroad's Product Pricing

    Products sell online on the strength of the brand. It is the assurance of quality and performance. We recommend you focus on branding your product and store not only on GlowRoad but also on other marketplaces to create a unique aura and build trust. If you already have a registered trademark, logo and brand, you can use this and register them in the GlowRoad brand registry. If you are starting your business then you can create your own brand name, brand name for your store, trademark and logo to create a distinctive identity. People remember brands and repose confidence, enhancing your sales and stature because brands are associated with certain parameters such as product quality, quality of service, guarantee and durability.

    Glowroad does not charge anything when you set up your shop on its online marketplace. However, Glowroad takes its cut on each sale made on its site. Therefore, you will have to consider pricing of products to sell on Glowroad keeping in sight this factor as well as prices charged by competitors. This can become a complex balancing act.

    • This is how Digicommerce Solutions LLP can help you with the GlowRoad brand store processes:
    • If you do not have a trademark, brand name or logo, Digicommerce Solutions LLP helps you to get such trademarks and brand names and logos approved from the relevant authorities.
    • We use these documents to get you a brand store on GlowRoad and for the brand registry process to identify your brand and to protect it against unauthorized use. If such unauthorized use is detected we take it up with GlowRoad and get such activities stopped to protect your brand. Remember, fake brands masquerading as yours can damage your reputation due to poor quality and services.
    • Get in touch with us to know more about branding, how to go about it and how we can help you.

    Glowroad reconciliation

    Once an order is placed on GlowRoad, you receive an intimation through the app or the seller dashboard. It is important for sellers to give highest priority to acknowledge receipt of an order and confirm that they will execute it otherwise GlowRoad automatically cancels the order in 4 days if not processed. Inventory management on GlowRoad is also crucial since you must update your store product listing with fresh stocks and remove unsold items or items that are out of stock from the product listing on GlowRoad. Inventory management also involves research and analysis of products as regards fast selling items, demand, trends and how to liquidate stocks through special campaigns. In the same way, order management also involves analyzing orders received to know which items sell more, which do not and the rate at which orders are processed, as also customer feedbacks.

    Benefits of GlowRoad Platform on Glowroad?

    GlowRoad was a startup with unique concept of social marketing and with the aim of helping home makers, students and others benefit from the online marketplace. It was later on acquired by Amazon but retains its basic concepts and principles. You can start selling on GlowRoad with the help of Digicommerce Solutions LLP and enjoy several benefits:

    Other marketplace Service We Serve:

    Digicommerce Solutions is India's leading Alibaba seller service provider. We are equally adept in helping sellers get on to various Indian and international e-commerce marketplaces in the B2C and B2B segments. To date, we have successfully assisted over 7500 small and medium businesses to transform their local operations to international online e-commerce-based operations with resounding success. The other marketplaces where we offer our services to help you succeed as a seller are:

    Etsy Seller Account Management Service Seller Account Management Service Flipkart Seller Account Management Service eBay Seller Account Management Service
    Amazon Seller Account Management Service Meesho Seller Account Management Service Alibaba Seller Account Management Service Walmart Seller Account Management Service

    Don't Belive us, Explore the review

    Don't Belive us, Explore the review

    FAQ - Customer Question for the Service

    Why Should I Sell on GlowRoad?

    GlowRoad supports over 25000 PIN codes across India and gives you access to 10 crore customers. It supports 300 different categories. You can, as a home maker, start your shop online without any investment in inventory and resell products of other sellers with a markup. You can sell your own creations. You can create your brand. There are zero commission fees and you get paid daily. All these and other advantages of GlowRoad are compelling reasons.

    Who can sell on GlowRoad?

    Housewives willing to engage in business part-time can get on to GlowRoad. Creators of crafts or any other items who wish to reach out to a wider audience can get on to this platform. Students who wish to earn something can work as marketing partners and earn. Professionals can get on to GlowRoad and reach out to a wider audience. GlowRoad is for everyone: from an individual to a small retailer to big business owners.

    How do I sell on GlowRoad?

    You have to create an account as a seller on GlowRoad. You have two options. You can act as marketing partners and sell products listed on GlowRoad through your social media channels at a marked up price and receive the profits. You can set up a storefront on GlowRoad and sell your own products or sell any other items, even pulling in product lists of other sellers but with your price markup. Orders are received; you pack and keep product ready, and GlowRoad logistics takes care of shipment.

    Can I offer both product and service on GlowRoad?

    GlowRoad offers two channels. One is for you to become a seller on GlowRoad. The other is to offer freelance services or seek jobs or work as resellers for other sellers already on GlowRoad.

    Do I need to courier my product to GlowRoad?

    No. You simply pack and keep item ready for shipment using GlowRoad designated packing materials and labels according to their directions. GlowRoad takes care of fulfillment, i.e., their logistics wing will arrange to pick up the package from your premises for onward dispatch to the buyer.

    What are the Document Required to Register as a seller on GlowRoad?

    It depends on which category you choose to register in – seller or reseller or services. If you choose to be a marketing partner or reseller, you simply offer products sold by other sellers, get orders and direct these orders to GlowRoad who in turn will hand it over to the seller who will ship at the price you have fixed. If, however, you wish to sell taxable products then you may be required to upload PAN and GST certificate as well as documentary proof of business address and bank account.

    Who Decide the price of the products?

    You are in full control of deciding the price at which you will sell products through GlowRoad.

    Will I get charged for listing products on GlowRoad?

    No. If you are a woman seller then GlowRoad does not charge any fees up front. However, men are required to pay subscription fees for premium listing.

    Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

    GlowRoad’s logistics takes total care of fulfillment. Sellers simply pack and prepare products for shipment. GlowRoad logistics partner pick it up and dispatch it onward.

    How and when will I get paid?

    GlowRoad makes daily payment to sellers after reconciliation of accounts considering orders executed and payments received (COD payments are permitted and sellers may receive payments after GlowRoad collects cash against delivery).

    When can I start selling?

    Once you create a seller account and list your products on GlowRoad you can start selling.

    How many listings are required to start selling?

    You can start with just one product listing on GlowRoad.

    Who decide the price of product?

    You decide the price at which to sell a product. Just keep in mind that if it is a branded product with a printed MRP, you cannot exceed the MRP.

    What are the fee Charged?

    GlowRoad does not charge commission. You simply pay for logistics and handling charges. If products are returned due to seller’s fault then seller pays for courier charges both ways. Women do not pay any fees. However, men will have to pay premium subscription fees to sell on GlowRoad.

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