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Ebay Price Calculator - Ebay Fee Calculator


EBay has its model of charging fees from the seller. If you sell using the auction mode or the buy now fixed price model you must know the extent of eBay charges involved. This helps you to price your product right and know just how much you will pay to eBay and what your net profit is. Digicommerce eBay price calculator is a helpful tool in which you simply enter price of product and you get to view various eBay charges components.

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Components of eBay charges


The Digicommerce eBay price calculator gives you a breakdown of eBay charges on your final product value. These are:


  • Insertion fee: Sellers on eBay enjoy the benefit of zero insertion fee for up to 50 listings. Once this amount is exceeded each product list per category attracts an insertion fee. If you list the same item in two different categories you pay listing fee for both. Once you relist a product it attracts listing charges again. However, this is not show in the present Digicommerce eBay calculator.
  • Final value fees: These are applicable when your item sells and the eBay fee is calculated on the price at which the item has been sold including shipping and handling but sales tax is extra. The Digicommerce eBay fee calculator shows the final fees you pay to eBay. If item does not sell then it has to be reported as unpaid in order that you can claim fee credit.
  • Final value shipping fee: This is based on cost of shipping service chosen by buyer. The standard fee for most categories is 10% limited to $ 750 fees. Books, DVDs and movies attract 12%. Heavy equipment and trucks, printing equipments attract 2% up to a maximum of $ 300.
  • Classified ad listing fee: If you choose to list in classified ad format then you pay $ 9.95 for 30 day listing fees.
  • Auction style listing: This depends on duration and type, starting at $ 1 for 3 day duration
  • Additional final fees: If you do not match eBay’s standards of seller performance you may be charged additional 5% on final sale value.
  • Payment processing fee: If you choose to receive payment via PayPal you pay paypal transaction fee. If you choose managed payments then youy pay payment processing fee.


If you sell in the US then sales tax is applicable in certain states. EBay will charge tax so you must be prepared for this contingency. Even otherwise, on each of the deductions taxes are applicable. Add this to eBay total selling fees and you have a total of the deduction from the final sale value price.


Using Digicommerce eBay price calculator online


It is easy to use Digicommerce eBay price calculator online. Simply select product and category and then enter the price you can view all the charges you pay to eBay as well as the nett amount you receive from each transaction.


However, it must be noted that returns as well as cancelled transactions are not taken into consideration here. Still, you get a fair idea of your earning and you can know if it is profitable to sell a certain item at a certain price by using this nifty Digicommerce eBay selling fees calculator.

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